Our full service range

At SES we are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive range of services, looking to add value wherever possible. We are unique in our ability to provide knowledge-based solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients, in the ever-changing field of oil and gas.

Integrity assessment
Integrity assessment

  • Pipeline and process integrity management
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Routing pigging
  • Pipeline In-Line Inspection (ILI)
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Inspection services

Well head services
Well head services

  • Well head maintenance
  • High pressure pumping
  • Well stimulation
  • Well abandonment
  • Nitrogen services
  • Drilling site support (pumps, tanks, and filtration)

Personnel supply
Personnel supply

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Operators (pipeline, process, and well)
  • Supervisors (mechanical, electrical and, instrumentation)

Process and facility
Process and facility

  • Constructions and Commissioning
  • Pipeline and process piping installation and repairs
  • Facility re-entry/abandonment
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and plant start-up services
  • Pipeline cleaning (pigging, de-scaling, de-waxing and de-sanding)
  • Pipeline gauging and base line survey
  • Pumping services (auxiliary pumping support, high pressure pumping)
  • Leak test (Helium test)
  • Nitrogen services (purging and packing)
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Sub-sea pipeline (umbilical testing and flushing, fiber optics testing)
  • Advanced gas gipeline cleaning (solid deposit and liquid removal from gas pipelines)

Equipment supply
Equipment supply

  • Pumps (different sizes and pressure rating)
  • Compressor (different sizes and pressure ratings)
  • Generator (different Capacities)
  • Hoses (different size and Pressure rating)
  • Welding machine
  • Measuring devices (gauges and flow meters)
  • Flow tanks (100 – 500 bbls)
  • Logistics (land and marine)
  • Mobile workshops
  • Base Support (warehousing and fabrication yard)


  • Capacity to procure and deliver small and large pieces of oil and gas equipment and materials (both local and foreign)
  • Engineering support for specification defining
  • Comprehensive stock and inventory management
  • Develop database for spares management
  • UK support base with direct networking with OEMS

Project management
Project management

Project control is essential in today's business environment. Our project team and consultants are able to provide expertise and support to a wide range of projects, ranging from minor assignments to multi-million dollars complete plant installations. Our team works across all our services division and is the spearhead of our integrated-services strategy.

In addition, our project team can provide project management, project engineering or site management services to clients who require assistance in controlling the interface management and coordination of several contractors and subcontractors. Our project management expertise guides projects to optimum solutions by providing:

  • Client liaison
  • Conceptual and feasibility studies
  • Estimating
  • Preparation and/or review of technical specifications
  • Tender evaluation and preparation
  • Purchase requisitioning and procurement
  • Design, procurement and construction programming
  • Project control, procedures and reporting
  • Resource scheduling cost control
  • Expediting and inspection site management
  • Construction management and support
  • Commissioning
  • Stores administration/material control
  • Compilation of operation manuals and QA documentation